Impact Of Music On Society

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Music 's Effect on society and culture Music and its presence have a big effect on our society and the direction our culture is going. It always has, currently does, and always will. Music affects the way we dress, the way we look and perceive different things, and it also has affected everything up to this point. The way the Native Americans danced and how they lived their everyday life was all centered around their music. Music was also a big thing when they were celebrating or praising their Gods. Even when they wanted to express their self, they would play certain beats or songs to show the village or to alert everyone that something was wrong or that intruders were coming or near. Music is how we know distinctive differences between tribes and their cultures which is a lot like how it is today. Music has also been one of the biggest things that 's shaped how America is now. Back in the depression days, music was one of the only ways people could lean on for happiness. With people seeing that, they kept leaning on it for other times like dealing with emotions and to just set the mood for things. Music speaks to people in ways that other things just don 't do. Music is like that best friend that just knows you and can express you to you. I feel as though music is and always has been cultures number one leading factor. But there 's also big things like fashion that 's also very influential on the way our society is currently guided. That 's why music stars are the

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