Impact Of National Identity In Pakistan

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The citizens of Pakistan are sharing multi cultural , multi- ethnic and multi- lingual society. When group of people shared same culture , same language and same historical back ground, they ultimately called a nation. For example, China ,Russia , Germany, France etc are all nations according to the definition of nation,. Secondly culture is an other factor of making national identity. The shared values have proved themselves as the builder of identities. Different countries like America are diverse in societies but there are some factors which are same in all societies of the state. About more than 200 states on map of the world , muslim states are being failed to construct their national identity. The very factors among them is the tension of Pan-islamism. Religious scholars in favor of making a religious society which can be problematic in a society of divergent cultures. The core responsibility of state is to provide political strength of citizen of state. Even in Holy Quran , there a message of charity to all, minorities , neighbor or those who are under the sate domain.
Similarly islam encourage the instructions which celebrate the diversity of culture rather than oppress it. Islam instruct the muslim majority to secure the minorities and make alliances with them. Yet Pakistan has emerged on map with clear Islamic ideology but it failed to make well defined identity of its own. In recent time , we are having different ethnic , sectarians and tribal identities than

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