Impact Of Natural Disasters In Developing Countries

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Developing countries are arguably the most affected by the increasing recurrence and costs of natural disasters.During the past years, there has been an increment in the records of natural disasters. Additionally to the global warming discussion, the reality is that the world is experiencing a rising number of natural disasters. These disasters are an increasingly phenomenon that we can certanily perceive and altough they may have an impact on the well-being of the area where it hits and on economic indicators in these regions too, depending of the location,earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc... are threats to lives, properties, and in addition can have a considerable impact on social indicators. The increasing strenght and frequency of natural disasters are suggesting new challenges in the developing world. But is the economic development of a country related to the impact natural disasters have in a determined area? This essay seeks to discuss the impact of natural events on less economically developed countries as well as more economically developed countries. The increasing frequency of natural disasters is strongly related to the growing susceptibility of communities in LEDC 'S, since earlier socioeconomic vulnerabilities may aggravate the impact of a natural event, making more difficult the process of recovery. Therefore, the impact of such events could result in an immediate increase in poverty and deprivation (Carter et al, 2007). The impact of a natural disaster

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