Impact Of New Media On Society

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The Impact of the New Media in the Society
Can you imagine yourself living in the past? No computers, no cellular phones, or internet? For some people, it might be a disaster or a nightmare, especially if they are heavily reliant on all that technology offers nowadays. Even when it comes to communication, mankind has made major advancements in the use of new types of media and communication. These types of new media are forever changing our lives. The significant impact of new media to the society is greatly seen by almost everyone. The used of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are in demand nowadays to communicate with relatives, and post videos or photos to show what they are doing. The readings from Gopnik’s article on pp. 42 stated that these new media rewiring us and the social media has a great impact in the society. In fact, the social media are used by the society because it allows the users to share, create, and exchange information through virtual communities and networks. Most of the time, the communities depend on these due to the globalized position that they hold in our society. Social networking is in demand, most especially among students and middle age individuals. Through social networking, users can use networks among their friends and groups to keep in touch, find old friends, and create new friendships. Even when it comes to business matters, the effect of the new media has greatly helped and revolutionized the way we conduct

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