Impact Of New Media

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The media mainly relied on analogue and print like newspaper and radio before 1980s. In the twentieth century, computerization and digitalization had great impacts on the formation of new media, such as the functions and forms of media (Martin Lister). Nowadays, new media has become an influential and prominent part of our society. It impacts our society and culture by creating and widening opportunities for the development of community, learning and identity. The advances in communication and information technologies of new media and the engagement of new media on today’s colleges have highly influenced the growth of youth, especially in education issue. It influenced their life just like an educator.

This essay will first define new media and explore the general features of new media, especially on digital media and educational online materials. It will then explore the positive and negative impacts of new media on youth education with the features of new media. This essay aims at studying the role and impacts of new media in youth education, so as to discover the future potential and problem of new media in youth education.

The features of new media
New media generally refer to digital media that involve form of computing, interactive and two-way communication (Robert K Logan). New media provides medium and social practices of communication, expression and representation that develop by using the digital media like networked computer. The general features

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