Compare And Contrast Machiavelli And John Locke

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Philosophical ideas impacted human history, particularly in government. Niccolo Machiavelli and John Locke ideation molded human history on how power should be divided equally amongst the people and the ruler. Their theories began the steps to construction of the U.S government. Machiavelli ideas migrated the power in monarchies away form the power of the church to the King/Queen. Particularly starting in Florence during the renaissance and political enlightenment. Locke ideas came before the American Revolution and were the foundation for the U.S Constitution and partly reasons for the revolution. Though these men were not able to live through or the start of their notions, the people took a hold of them impacting government systems. Niccolo Machiavelli was an…show more content…
He attended Christ Church, Oxford when he was twenty, studying medicine and graduating a bachelor 's degree in medicine in 1656. He practiced medicine for a while and was a personal physician for Caleb Bank. Here he began to get into politics, where then he wrote Two Treatises of Government. Written before its time, Locke’s ideas were composed against absolute monarchies and more focused onto the natural rights of man. Later being added to his works, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, becoming the “Father of Liberalism”. Locke’s ideas from the Two Treatises of Government and An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, were based upon the natural rights where power comes from the people. Both of his pieces contributed to revolutions, most importantly the American Revolution as power from monarchies was removed and democracies were created. Allowed for limited government power and all obligations were to the citizens. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding basis was on how the knowledge existence of God, certain moral truths, and laws of logic or mathematics pertained to the natural rights of
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