Impact Of Niccolo Machiavelli And John Locke

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Philosophical ideas impacted human history, particularly in government. Niccolo Machiavelli and John Locke ideation molded human history on how power should be divided equally amongst the people and the ruler. Their theories began the steps to construction of the U.S government. Machiavelli ideas migrated the power in monarchies away form the power of the church to the King/Queen. Particularly starting in Florence during the renaissance and political enlightenment. Locke ideas came before the American Revolution and were the foundation for the U.S Constitution and partly reasons for the revolution. Though these men were not able to live through or the start of their notions, the people took a hold of them impacting government systems. Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian statesman and writer for the Florentine Republic. He upheld as a senior official there as well in the 13th century. During the time when the monarchies took orders from the church/Pope. When toll took the turns for the worst the church had no answers to why, so the people started to look for different answers, beginning the renaissance/middle ages. The Age of Enlightenment/Renaissance was the time of new thinking for the people in Europe. Before all of their thinking was explained by the church and under the Popes rule they were not able to know anything other than what the church said was right. For one why their king was the ruler of the people? The churches answer being because it was how god
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