Impact Of Online Shopping In Pakistan

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Online shopping trends in Pakistan
The appearance of internet and World Wide Web changed today’s business environment. Customers are now turning to option channels of purchase like e-commerce for online shopping. Because it offer more choices of products, convenience, cost saving and they can compare prices there. E-commerce is not a new thing in developed courtiers like Japan, UK but in developing countries like Pakistan growth and penetration of e-commerce is very low (Khan and Bawden 2005).(1)
State Bank of Pakistan quotes July 2012 publication of World Bank statistics according to which, Pakistan internet users showed double digit growth from past five years. The growth rate was 10% in 2007, which is now more than 16%. Increase in internet usage increase E-commerce trend in Pakistan. (2)
One study indicate that E-commerce user in Pakistan have positive awareness on e-vendors ability, which convince them to shop online. Research suggests that younger people in Pakistan are likely to trust e-vendors more easily than older person so; they are more likely to do online shopping. Females are more likely to use traditional way as they are more concerned about security method installed in web. Females face difficulty in trust other parties so, they are less likely to do online shopping. As education, income level and internet experience increase, distress on trust of e-vendors in e-commerce decrease. (3)
Pakistani online shoppers prefer payment method of Cash on delivery,

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