Impact Of Orphan Children

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Introduction: Orphan children, their care and development are almost neglected aspects of social development in India. Orphanages are treated as charity, when instead they should be administered as a necessity. The overall climate of orphan care, neglect of their holistic development, lack of nutritional support, absent social security and poor education facilities are some prominent and well known issues. However, the most fundamental issue is the utter neglect of their civil rights. And even graver is the obscurity that shrouds it. This essay attempts to shed some light on the same issue. 1) The Crisis of Identity It is noteworthy in the context of this study that there is no government data available on the exact number of orphans in…show more content…
For the children who are able to furnish the proof of their nationality, lack of other documents such as ration card, address proof and ironically enough ID proof becomes the administrative obstacle that almost always remains insurmountable. It only marks the beginning of a lifelong hurdle. Following are some of the gravest challenges faced by orphan children. I. Consequent challenges • Barring some exceptions where private or missionary orphanages go beyond statutory obligations to guide the child for a good part of his or her life, orphan children are taken care of only until they are 18. Once they become adults, they are on their own. • After they are adults, they lack direction. In the face of scarcity of resources, opportunities remain elusive. • There is no eco system to support them. Some institutions have begun to identify the caste of orphans as SC/ST so that they can benefit from reservations. The rest however continue to struggle for…show more content…
The population of orphan children is varies greatly across the states. Secondly, states like Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra have a good presence of private institutions that support Orphan children. And hence orphanages and their cultures differ as per the state. Any central intervention that attempts to tackle the issue would have to be designed with the cognizance of this dimension. • As adults, orphan children are often lost. They lack support, guidance and opportunities. Government of Maharashtra has taken a good step in ensuring a reservation and issuing a certificate that will protect their identity. Other states can certainly follow the suite. Second area where states will have a lot of impact is the reform of orphanages and related amenities. The Reform of Orphanages and Remand

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