Impact Of Parenting On Child Development

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A persons fate of destiny is significantly shaped by family and parental techniques for raising children and families ' training systems are considered amongst the most essential factors for a child’s character formation. These can serve as constraining or reassuring factors in their growth process. (Kamijani M, Maher F. 2007 ).The impact of parenting on the development of their children have been a study of importance by developmental psychologists. However, the connection between the definite actions of parents and the subsequent behaviours of children is very difficult to find.
In an early 1960s, study conducted by Diana Baumrind on more than 100 preschool-age children, using parental interviews, research methods and also naturalistic observation indicated four important dimensions of parenting:
• Communication styles
• Warmth and nurturance
• Expectations of maturity and control
• Disciplinary strategies
Denoting to the above dimensions, Diana Baumrind was of the viewthat the bulk of parents exhibited one of three different parenting styles which are explained as follows.
Authoritarian Parenting
Authoritarian parents are thought to be very rigid/inflexible in their parenting styles by havingstern rules and extraordinaryexpectations from their children. They are also very demanding and rarely responsive to their children. it is noted that in this style parenting does not permit the parents to display much warmth or nurturing towards their children.


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