Impact Of Political Globalization

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David Held, A. McGrew (1998) defines political globalization as “the shifting reach of political power, authority and forms of rule. (Manfred B. Steger 2009, p.58) added that these processes raise a significant set of political issues relating to the principle of state sovereignty, the rising impact of intergovernmental organizations, and the future prospects for regional and global governance. Taking a glance at the characteristics of political globalization – first, political relations expand closely and tremendously linked presenting a challenge to domestic/international distinctions of politics. Second, There are non-state actors, international organizations and regimes whose activities will fall over the international arena, These non state actors such as the MNC’s, international government and non government organization and ethnic groups influence the state authority in a position of complex interdependence. Thus, global politics issues elaborated to involve economic, social and environmental questions while non security issues often related to low politics. Third, the present period global politics also includes the egression of regional and global law which challenges the state sovereignty. Furthermore, the political globalization is proved when governments make international rules and institution to deal with trade, human rights and environmental issues. Military/Security Globalization This dimension is also crucial in the discourse with respect the impact of

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