Impact Of Population Growth On Economic Development

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The main objective of this report is analyses the effect of population growth on economic development of Pakistan. For this, some factors related to population growth has been used in this report which has helped in analyzing the effect on economic growth. Annual secondary data, from 1998-2001. And the reviews given in literature review of different authors explains relationship about the effect of populace on economic development from different point of views. It has been discussed in the report about the impact of these factors like lack of family planning, mortality and fertility rates, lack of women empowerment and illiteracy rates on population growth and on economic development of Pakistan. Many less developed nations think that the issue of underdevelopment is due to high population growth rate. There are many policy recommendations discussed which might help in decreasing the populace growth and improve economic development.

Population growth plays a congruent role in the development of a country. It also helps and retards economic development. Population growth and economic development, this relationship is a major issue from years. In past decades, population rate grew very steadily, with both high fertility and high mortality. It was believed that if you want to lower the fertility rate, then improvements must be made in mortality. The first decline in fertility rate occurred in France in the eighteenth century. It also began to decline in

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