Impact Of Population On Environment

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Several environmentalists have agreed that the increasing population is one of many interacting factors that place pressure on the environment. The growing population is especially responsible for all environmental impacts. Increase in population leads to high level of consumption and industrialization, inequality, land distribution, unemployment, poverty and inefficient technologies which contribute directly and indirectly to the declination of nature (Human population, 2017).
As population growth slow down, the countries can invest more in education, health care, job creation, and other improvements that help boost living standards. In turn, as individual income, savings, and investment rise, more resources become available that can boost productivity. Problem:

How the rapid growth rate of population globally impact on the environment? Discuss the challenges for sustainable development.

Problem statement:

The growing population is one of the rising global challenge and has direct impact on sustainability development. Today, the planet had already overloaded because of growing population and there is no doubt that human is the only contributor for environmental imbalances. As population increases the need of world’s consumption is increased and to fulfill the demand for food, there is a need to expand in agriculture. Due to the activity to meet the increasing consumption, the natural resources are under pressure. For eg; fertilizer uses has
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