Overpopulation On The Environment Essay

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Several environmentalists have agreed that the increasing population is one of many interacting factors that place pressure on the environment. The growing population is especially responsible for all environmental impacts. Increase in population leads to high level of consumption and industrialization, inequality, land distribution, unemployment, poverty and inefficient technologies which contribute directly and indirectly to the declination of nature (Human population, 2017).
As population growth slow down, the countries can invest more in education, health care, job creation, and other improvements that help boost living standards. In turn, as individual income, savings, and investment rise, more resources become available
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It has been also discussed that in the long term, the unwanted birth control is most possible cost-effective method to save the nature. Some studies show that lower fertility is also related with poverty reduction. It improves in the health of women, earnings, children health and schooling. People those gaining education were getting job in formal sector which help in improving economy of each household (Das Gupta M. et al., 2011). Moreover, less population means less consumption need and people doesn’t need to use chemical to increase the agriculture which affect the environment. To stabilize in population growth and reduction of resources use, it is important to do investment in people’s education and health (Das Gupta M. et al., 2011). Through this people will have more job opportunity and complete schooling which make people aware of the overuse/ deterioration of natural resources consequences. Other step that we can take to save our natural resources is to follow the concept of 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle). We should encourage the people to participate in the recycling the household materials, develop better technologies in agriculture keeping in mind the safety of nature and human.

Furthermore, growing population and high food price is inter-related. Harris claims that the increase in food price has put stresses on the global ecosystem. To adjust the stresses large scale government intervention will required to respond to climate change Harris, J. M.

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