Impact Of Poverty In India

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Poverty is a social phenomenon in which certain sections of the society are unable to fulfil bare necessities of life. India is known for the poor people it has poverty gives birth too many other problem. Our India is well aware that poverty is the biggest barriers in the development of the nation. Various number of anti- poverty policies had been introduced since 1950 's. In India poverty is measured by a poverty line. In almost all underdeveloped countries where per capita income is low, income inequality has resulted in a no. of evils of which poverty is certainly the most serious one. It is a socio economic phenomenon that is intimately associated effects on human health and efficient and productivity which in turn affects human health, efficient and productivity which in turn affect their income. This paper attempts to exam in the impact of poverty, comparison of per capita income of different
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Since India’s independence, the subject of poverty in India has remained a major concern. According to the common definition of poverty, when a person can no longer meet the required levels to maintain specified standard of living, they are considered poor .This becomes apparent after just a short amount of time spent in the country. For example, states such as Goa, Delhi and Punjab have relatively low poverty ratios whereas 38% of the population of Bihar and Orissa live below the poverty line, the figures are even worse for Calcutta and Maharashtra pushing nearly 50%.The poverty and situations that people are forced to live in coupled with the burning desire to survive have resulted in people doing some unimaginable things to stay alive .Some sources suggest that now almost 60% of the world poor now call India home. It is also the country with the highest rate of Malnutrition among children under the age of 36 months: a massive

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