Prosperity In The Usa During The 1920s Essay

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The statement that prosperity in USA during the 1920s was more apparent then real was true for many people to a great extent. Many farmers and people living in rural areas where living at subsistence level, around 40 percent of the USA population was living at subsistence level. Another factor that supports this statement is the fact that the stocks where overpriced by a great margin and therefore in the long run profits and prosperity could never have been achieved to the level advertised. However it also has to be said that the USA did experience major economic development during the 20s, so much so that it gave birth to the consumer culture that fuels the great industries and their production. However this consumerism was not sustainable and eventually led to the Wall Street crash of 1929.

It cannot be argued that the USA experienced prosperity during the 20s, especially in the economic sector. One of the contributing factors to the boom experienced in the USA was WW1 which actually aided in the development of the American. One of the main reasons the USA prospered economically from the war was due to the fact they only sent their troops to the front lines
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One major example of this was the Ford Motor Company, owned by Henry Ford, the inventor of the infamous Model T-Ford. The Model T was revolutionary in the fact it was very cheap, so many people could afford them and aided by the production Lorine that was able mass produce the model the supply even managed to exceed the demand. The Motor industry became so successful that it became the largest in the world. Finally the growth in the motor industry helped stimulate the development in other industrial sectors such as the building of roads and the oil industry. The worker at Ford were generally well paid very well for the time even if it was to avoid the harassment from the trade
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