Impact Of Recession In Construction Industry

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5.1 Introduction
The impact of recession has been felt throughout the world. This study is an effort to analyse the impact of the recession in India, especially in the construction industry. The impact of the recession has been different in countries around the world. The way the recession has affected the various industries of each nation is also different. So this study focuses on the impact this recession has had on the construction industry of India.
5.2 Summary of the study
The study starts with an Introduction into the recent recession that has affected countries all over the globe. It shows the effect of the various sectors in construction.
Then we move onto the Literature Review where the opinions of many experts
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This forms the basis of the study and helps to understand how the recession has in fact affected the construction industry in India.
5.3 Limitations and Further Scope of the Study
This study deals with the impact of the recession on the construction industry. But it has been done using secondary data which will have various discrepancies. This study can be made more accurate by collecting primary data from the industry regarding the various indicators.
Also, the indicators that have been used in this are limited in number. By increasing the number of indicators the accuracy of the study can be increased dramatically. When the number of indicators used for analysis is lower not only will a lot of data not get considered but also the accuracy that one requires for the study will not be achieved.
The further scope of this study is that it can help how to understand how the recession has affected the construction industry in various other aspects. More primary data which are real time can be collected from the various organisations all over the country which will help in the further analysis of the impact that the recession has had. By collecting more primary data more indicators can be included in the study which will help take the study the
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It can also be stated that the impact of the recession on the Indian construction industry is less when compared to the other industries of India. But India on the whole was affected less by the recession. This can be attributed to the India’s strong fundamental of the economy, well regulated banking system and less exposure of Indian financial sector with the global financial market. The FDI in India was less during the time of the recession because of which the impact of the recession was cushioned when it reached

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