Impact Of Religion On Economic Behavior

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Behavior is one of action to judge a person. A person who shows a good response has a good personality. They learned from their family, school or even from their religion. They will always respect everyone and follow the norm of their religion. An economy is one of the impacts make person 's behavior changes. People might break the religion 's rule to chasing materialistic. However, not everyone does that, the significance of religious really much effect on economic behavior. Religion is a culture and contributes to making up an own culture for each country, that 's why each country has a different religion. When religion comes to a country, it will exchange culture between many different countries and create a new religion which is more enriching the cultural. Catholicism is a religion came from Europe, but there are many Asian groups still own Catholic, because Catholicism is not only present in Europe, it 's spread when the whole world, maybe not everybody has a Catholicism, but at least, there is a significant group. Also, religion contributed sustainable economic growth. One country has much religion: Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Islam, etc. and each religion have a unique and people might participate in many religions if they want. There is some organization taking advantage of people who have the faith of the religion, so they will ask a member for money with a purpose make a group stronger or to help someone, but the real goal they will get that money for

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