Impact Of Religion On Global Marketing

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What is global marketing
Definition of marketing - planning, executing and controlling the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create mutual exchange that satisfy individual and organisational needs and objectives.
The definition of marketing still applies whether an organisation markets its goods and services domestically or internationally . However, the scope of marketing is broadened when the organisation decides to sell across international boundaries, due to the numerous other dimensions which the organisation has to account for. For example, the organisation's language of business may be "English", but it may have to do business in the "French language". This not only requires a translation
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Global marketing communication affected by the existence of various different languages. In order to overcome this language barrier, a company should adjust its communication programs and design communications to include the languages which are used by its customers.
Impact of religion on global marketing becomes more apparent when one religionis compared to another religion.
Global marketers should search proactively for any kind of possible influences even when the influences are not very apparent. Developing an initial awareness of the impact of religion on one’s own culture is very helpful in developing cultural sensitivity.

Education also shapes people’s desires and outlooks.Educational systems are different in different countries so differences are expected among consumers.Education not only has impact on potential consumers,but it also shapes potential employees for foreign companies and the business community overall. This has influence on business practices and competitive
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Political and Legal Forces

(1) Host country political forces.
Any country contaning an operational unit (manufacturing, finance, sales,etc ) of a global company can be defined as a host country. Global companies deal with many different host countries, each having its own political climate. In each country, the political climate is determined by the way the various participants interact with one another other. It is influenced by host country government actions and local special interest groups actons , as well as by the prevailing political philosophy.
The government plays a principal role in host countries in implementing andinitiating policies regarding the conduct,operation and ownership of businesses, and so can encourage or discourage foreign businesses through a variety of measures.Governmental behavior flow from the government’s interpretation of its own self-interest (national interest), which typically includes things like: Self-preservation, security, prosperity, ideology, and cultural identity.
(2) Host Government Actions
As per the national interest presented above, it brings the following actions that host government may carry on. The certain political actions might involve: jawboning, “buy local” restrictions, subsidies, operating conditions, local content, nontariff barriers,ownership conditions, boycotts, and
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