Impact Of Religion On The Silk Road

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Surya Narayan
Ms. Buhrke
World History
27 November 2017
What was the impact of Silk Road 's Spread of Ideas on Other Countries? The Silk Road was a path that not only connected countries but also helped establish trade and was also an exchange of cultural and religious elements. It was the connection of east world to the west world and the trade between them. Silk was a path that The Silk Road as said above has a lot to do with the spread of religion. The birth and spread of major religions was through the Silk Road. The main religion that spread was Buddhism. The spread of Islamic religion took place in the Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty. A main religious spread was language, Buddhist translators translated a lot of Buddhist and Sanskrit terms into Chinese which were adopted by China (Erwin).Some more religions were spread on the Silk Road. Zoroastrianism was pushed from Persia to the east (TravelChinaGuide). Manichaeism is a mixture of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Greek ideas and Christianity and was popular among Chinese people (TravelChinaGuide). Last one is Nestorianism which was a school of Syrian Christianity (TravelChinaGuide). There was a lot of spread and birth of religions on the Silk Road. There were also cultural influences on both sides of the World. Because of traders travelling from both sides of the world to the opposite sides culture spread like wildfire. A mixture of art and music was widespread on the Silk Road
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