Impact Of Science And Technology On Human Development

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Science and technology is the steam that fired up human advancement. Compared to the Stone Age, where man depended on stones to till land, the growth of science and technology led to the age of civilization where man began to use machines to make his work easier. This has in turn lead to progress. Today, the measure of a country’s development is highly co-related to its advancement in science and technology.
To fully understand the impact of science and technology to human development it is important to distinguish the two terms. Science in broad terms is a systematic body of knowledge on a particular subject. It contains testable explanations and prediction about nature and it is main aim is to produce knowledge. Science is therefore concerned with the discovery of natural laws and the description of nature. Technology on the other hand can in broad terms be described as applied science. This means that through using science people can meet their everyday means. Technology is more concerned with making life more comfortable by using artifacts and systems and is meant to create wealth rather than producing knowledge.
It is, however, instructive to note that not all technologies are a product of science. For example the invention of the wheel, windmill and gunpowder were more as a result of trial and error than the products of scientific work.
Today science and technology enjoy a close, mainly parasitic relationship because many
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