Impact Of Sensory Marketing On Fashion Industry

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Hamidreza Rezaei
Sensory marketing: Impacts on fashion industry

The main aim of the topic will be to measure the impact of the sensory marketing as a new direction in marketing in fashion industry by concentrate on 2 or 3 different businesses and identifying how many stores are using it, explaining the reasons of using it and how and in which extent different selling point are using it in a marketing strategy, and suggest the best and with lowest risk sensory marketing strategy.


1.Introduction Traditional marketing Vs. Modern marketing (Effects on customer’s behavior)
Sensory marketing and its tools
Sensory branding 1.3.1 Management of brand 1.3.2 Sensory branding

Traditional marketing Vs. Modern marketing (effects on customer behavior)
The shortest definition of the current era can be like this: fast and unpredictable changes, so stocking on old marketing strategies will be dangerous for any business. Modern companies should renew their strategies and policies if still want survive in huge competitive markets. Now days most of the brands still relies on increasing the number seen or heard (OTS) through the mass media, but for customers these are just nothing more than mass-messages that are sent to them daily to steal their indifferent eyes. So it will lead to the truth that simple and traditional marketing time is ended, now
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