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IMPACT OF TOURISM ON RETAIL SHOPPING IN OMAN INTRODUCTION Nowadays shopping has become one of the most lucrative tourism activities. Oman is now known to be one of the most famous and popular tourist shopping destinations. Through this research report the researcher intends to express the study of factors and present trends in tourism that affect retail shopping in Oman. The behavior of tourist with respect to retail shopping is however examined in this research. This research basically revolves around tourists who visit Oman and also attempts to discover the possible reasons as to why they have chosen Oman as their holiday destination. Thus one of the core reasons of tourists visiting Oman is to shop at various malls mainly in the Oman’s…show more content…
Gold and Silver Souk very well known and the most famous among other markets. Substantial sum of proceeds are contributed to retail commerce through tourists. Oman has many shopping centers therefore it was of a definite need to know and learn the impact of tourism on retail shopping in Oman. The shopping experience is more important in Oman malls as these attract shoppers from various socio-economic strata who have their own expected standards of service and experience as compared to the shoppers who visit malls in many developing countries. In shopping centers, it is an added shopping experience that is actually made by aligning their management philosophy and practices perfectly with the expectations of…show more content…
The research is aimed at analyzing the factors that influence tourism and the retail shopping experience in Oman and then study the current trends of shopping in Oman by the tourists and what is their reaction relating to retail shopping and what steps could be taken to provide the tourist with the best shopping experience that they would be expecting from Oman. Thus this could help to improve the retail shopping for the tourist who visit Oman and also improve Oman’s economy. The main focus of this research project is on Oman as a retail shopping destination for tourist and its effect on the economy of Oman. During the recent time key portion of tourism is shaped by the Leisure sector in Oman. In this research the researcher is taking into consideration Shopping aspect of the tourism industry. In the Middle East region after Dubai, Oman is now developing and trying to become popular shopping destination. Shopping is known as one of the most attractive activities anywhere around the world. Retail sector in accordance with Government of Oman has established various shopping events including Oman shopping festival, Oman summer surprises and many more to lure tourists. Shopping has been acknowledged to be a common tourist activity and a motivation for travel, especially in the case of cross-border trips. Elements similar to lesser prices, lower taxes, and greater variability

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