Social Advertising And Social Change

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1. Introduction Social Advertising means not promotion or sell of the product or commercial services. It does not result in rupee but it is raise awareness about a product of life or a social issue. It acts with the matters of public interest such as a social change, political ideas, economic policies, developmental programs etc. Advertisement plays very important role in our life, as indicators of social and economic progress. They reveal the direction of change in our values. In fact, a society without advertisement is unthinkable. Advertising has become an important medium of mass education. Social ad campaigns could improve the pace of development and guide social change. They can uplift the tone or tenor of the society, Social advertising…show more content…
serve basic social and economic needs. Social advertising approach is used for informing, educating and persuading the society on basic issues. In the situation of social problem, advertising can play a key role and can help in social encourage and change. If today we are aware about family planning, AIDS, Iodized Salt, Pulse Polio, Cancer, TB, Drinking Water, reduction of Superstition etc. it is due to effective role of social advertising. Social advertising also helped in generating awareness of Environment Protection, Female infanticide, Pollution safety, Literacy, women Education, Girls Welfare, etc. , The importance of social advertising has been realized in 1970 's in India and several researchers have contributed to increase the awareness of social advertising. There will be an extensive research to measure the impact of social advertising by the central and state government on society. It will be a comprehensive, investigating the overall extent of disclosure. t,s L, Advert 0 , Effective in ino:ki.…show more content…
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