Impact Of Social Evils On Indian Society

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What are social evils?
The term ‘social evil’ can refer to a number of problems which cause damage and harm to the society in various ways. Any action which is against the public interest and works against the development of the society and hinder progress is also known as a social evil. It may directly or indirectly affect the members of a society. Most of the evils still practiced today are due to belief in old customs and traditions, which go a long way in making people believe that such practices cannot be considered as an evil.
Indian society is one of the oldest societies. It has a set of customs and traditions which are rather old and not suiting to the present times. Illiteracy in our society, to a certain extend is responsible for the birth of poverty, unemployment, adulteration and other issues which pose a threat to the society.
Through this paper I will discuss about the different social evils which are still prevailing in India at various levels.
Adulteration is a social crime as it cheats people by way of adding inferior ingredients to a product and sell the low quality goods to them which may cause damage or harm. The public have been deceived.
Food Safety and Standards Act (FSS), 2006 defines “adulteration” as “any material which is or could be employed for making the food unsafe or sub-standard or mis-branded or containing extraneous matter”.1
Stringent laws are laid by the
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