Impact Of Social Media Essay

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Impact of Social Media

Social media is device used to sharing, interact, and get to know new friend. Social media have significant impact for the user’s life. Kind of social media is Facebook, Twitter, Line, etc. Social media changes the most people live. It can have negative and positive impact, but not all people aware of effect. Social media has become an important aspect of their lives. Without them knowing it social media has changed the way they associate with their family and friend. On the positive side, social media can act as a valuable and useful tool for teenagers. Social media can entertain us when get boring or when we being stressful,example when we alone in one place, we can open and play social media so we will be entertained.
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People who are engrossed in playing social media hard to get off to stop. Especially for teenagers who still can not prioritize which to do which should not be done. They will be easily guided by the thrill of social media applications to forget the time. That way they will forget to do the important things that actually even used for social media. Like for example for someone who is Muslim, every day must perform prayer which is mandatory worship that should not be neglected. For a student also has an obligation to learn. Here social media play a role to make someone neglect their work. Social media can also give unrealistic expectations and create feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Too often see activities like holidays uploaded by others can cause feelings of envy and not satisfied with what we have. Consequently we can become less confident when hanging out with friends who often upload their holiday activities. The average for those who are addicted to social media always keep their money in order to play social media. Many teenagers now prefer to register their money for internet packages rather than to call or send a text to their families. Now the minimum cost required for 1 month internet package can reach 50.000 rupiah and that does not include the cost of calling or sending
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