Impact Of Social Media In Tourism

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Chapter 1

Social Media Marketing in Tourism

Reshane Anglin- ID# 20151511
Renardo Haynes- ID# 20141127
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Date: February 16, 2018

Introduction The last decade has seen a significant increase in the use of both social media and the general development of new technology worldwide in tourism. The tourism and hospitality industry has seen an impressing development since the beginning of this new era .Today the industry is on the rise and has changed dramatically with the overwhelming appearance of social media platforms creating new opportunities to progress and attract the customer through facilitated communication and empowered guest engagement. It can only be seen as something positive for the
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The nature of this topic dictates the use of both the positive and negative views of social media in tourism. The use of social media in tourism provides evidence that it is essential in the promotional aspect of the industry, by providing insight in the field. In this research the audience will be informed of the different types of social media mediums that tourist and other tourism engagers uses to share their experiences. This study also aims to show how social media in tourism is geared to enhancing production in the business aspect of the tourism…show more content…
Tourism marketers and social media managers use social media to help promote the location by offering experiences of tourist satisfaction and experience at the destination. The appeal of a tourist destination is therefore enhanced (Pease & Rowe, 2005). Social media also increases the speed at with companies and destinations can market real time messages and replies to questions that tourists may have about a destination. Prices can be shared and viewed by millions of potential visitors to the destination as the information can be seen easily on computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. As a result of social media, stakeholders can save from reduced costs associated with marketing and other communication measures. On the other hand, negative information about a tourist destination may spread quickly on social media which may not afford much time for damage control and as a result may cause loss of potential revenue for the affected

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