Impact Of Social Media India Essay

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Social media users in India
The number of social media users is increasing day by day at present the number in India has reached to 143 million users. According to the reports of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) International, 34% of college going students and 27% of young men are using social media platforms. 12% constitute the school going users while 60% are the college going students and young men in the urban India. The number of rural users has also increased in the recent years. People are actively using social media. Social media can be used for social change, but the issue is that how many people are using social media for raising environmental issues and to hash out such events on social media.
Social issues and social problems in India
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However, we are contending with these troubles. Even today, thousands of people are forced to leave hungry. Today India is the second biggest nation in the world, having the population of 1.28 billion. In India around 363 million people are below the poverty line. What to say about corruption, we all encounters with corrupt officials 'similarly, education, spiritual violence, environmental matters and women 's issues still require more attention. Social media aware people and is an efficient tool to raise these problems and it is up to people that can make change. As people are spending so much time in front of social media so it can convey message of change in a society. Social media have significant impact on our daily lives so sharing knowledge and spreading awareness is the only thing we need to execute along these different
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