How Does Social Media Affect Human Communication

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In this globalization era, social media have become a basic requirements to almost all the people regardless of their age and social status. In Malaysia nowadays, people don’t really spend their time to communicate face-to-face. Indeed, they will use the social media to get connected to each other. As mentioned by Edosomwan, Sitalaskshmi, Kouame, Watson and Seymour (2011):
Social media is a phenomenon that has transformed the interaction and communication of individuals throughout the world. However, social media is not a new concept - it has been evolving since the dawn of human interaction. In recent times, social media has impacted many aspects of human communication, thereby impacting business. Social networking has become daily practice
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For example, most of the businessman will use the social media to promote their business and try to post as much input as possible in order to persuade the people to support their business. Apparently, even the university has started to use the social media for the purpose of learning and to ease the connectivity between the lecturers and the students. For instance, most of the class in the university has their own Whatsapp group in order to help them to discuss all the learning activity directly. As mentioned by Jason Tham and Dr.Niaz Ahamed (2010), “Students are increasingly utilizing these social networks for friends’ news feeds, personal updates, events and activities, notes, and messages.” Clearly, this means that social media had widely influenced the life of the students in order to stay update with all the important things around…show more content…
Reading and writing skills are considered as the most significant elements in learning a language. Apparently, most of the speakers can speak proficiently but they might not produce a perfect writing. Thus, in order to write well, an individual needs to practice reading a lot of good writings so that he could improve himself and be aware of his mistakes. Basically, this is where the social media play an important role. For example, whenever a young student access the social media and he come across a qualified writing, he will certainly read the write-up and try to create the same way of writing. Next, based on the research conducted by Marie Blaschke (2014), she stated
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