Impact Of Social Media On Hospitality Industry

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According to Gaurav Seth’s journal “Analyzing the Effects of Social Media on the
Hospitality Industry”, social media is forms of electronic communication through which users create share information online through texts, pictures, audio and, video. The increased use of social media applications in hotel business environment has created both challenges and opportunities for hoteliers. Over the recent years, guest behavior in the hotel industry has changed significantly and a key focus of hotel operators involves exceeding guest expectations to increase guest satisfaction and competitive advantage.
Hospitality operation relies on word of mouth and good reviews from loyal customers that social media is a natural marketing tool. Based on Dr. Rashad and Lim’s journal, social networking is so versatile that it can be used for both leisure and business purposes. In the hospitality and tourism industry, social networking sites are one of the essential tools that play an important and beneficial role.The use of social internet outlets have become widespread, and travelers consistently use the media to brag about their great experiences as well as express displeasure.
In the journal “Impact of Social Media on Tourism and Hospitality” by Rashmi Gururaja, he claimed that advertising in the social media is one of the primary sources of advertising in today‟s market. Most of the organizations have websites with online portals that can be accessed by consumers and potential customers
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