Impact Of Social Media On People's Life

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Social Media and People’s Life

Internet is the one of the first communication technology to potentially change human’s social interaction. Internet using in residences has increased quickly over time. For example, by 2016, 81.19% of Canada’s population had used the internet (Statista,2016). Internet has become an important part of people’s lives; a lot of websites have great ways for a person to communicate with others in the form of social networking. Social media sites are web pages providing many different online services using by a large group of users through the internet. Mass media tools like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook provide online services which allow people around the world to connect and know about each other. These websites include a variety of internet services into one such as private profile, sharing photos and videos, following famous people, updating blogs, user groups, and more. According to these utilities, the number of social network users also grow rapidly, and social media websites have a great impact on society in different ways. However, people use social networks daily, but do they know clearly about these effects. We are going to do a research about social media’s influences on people’s lives, especially the young generation to find out the answer. According to some reports, three billion individuals, about 40% population of the world, use online social media, and they are spending an average of two hours day-to-day
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