The Positive Impact Of Social Media On Politics

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Web 2.0 is a popular word in the last decade. It includes blogs, photos and files sharing systems and networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These media have already changed our way of communications. And they have great impacts on other aspects of our lives. They also present great power in political campaigns. In 2007, CNN stated a word “Youtube-ification of politics” prepared for the U.S. Presidential Primaries (Youtube and Policits). However, the impact of social media on politics can be either positive or negative. Social media can have a positive impact on politics when it is used properly. As people mentioned that social media is a free platform for sharing information, a tool of freedom and empowerment and a door of equality. Firstly, social media is an immediate free platform for sharing information between voters and politicians. Social media such as Twitter and Youtube allows candidates to exposure their values and beliefs. Voters can a lot of …show more content…

In 2012, Barack Obama and his opponent Romney had used several social media platforms, including Spotify, Pinterest and Instagram. Although many users expressed their annoyance about the campaign advertisement, the figures never lie: Barack Obama’s Facebook page had attracted over 30 million likes since his time as a presidential nominee (Lee). In 2008, President Obama’s campaign was also praised for its innovative use of social media to engage young voters. According to a survey by Pew Research, 39% of American adults have used social media to do at least one of eight political or civic activities and younger users are more likely to post their thoughts on politics than those who were 50 and older (Computer Business Review). Therefore, social media helps

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