Impact Of Social Media On Tourism

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Abstract - Online social networking websites affect our life greatly, and consumer demand for them is growing. This paper aims to verify the impact that online social networks (OSN) have on the tourism websites ' popularities. We considered some OSNs, such as Facebook, Twitter. The analysis shows whether online social media help to attract more page viewers to the tourism websites. Finally, some conclusions were made following the results of the findings, determining the barriers and benefits of technological adoption, and gave some recommendations.

I. INTRODUCTION Internet had a tremendous diffusion and changed most of our social life radically. The rise of the Internet have challenged tourism enterprises while enormous opportunities have come up simultaneously. Online social media can be generally interpreted as Internet-based applications that carry consumer-generated content which encompasses ‘‘media impressions created by consumers, typically informed by relevant experience, and archived or shared online for easy access by other impressionable consumers’’ [6]. This involves a variety of applications which allow consumers to "post", "tag", "digg", or "blog", "repost" on the Internet. The contents generated by these social media include online information 's new and emerging sources that are created and circulated by consumers, with the intent of educating each other about products, brands, services and issues. The online applications facilitate information
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