Impact Of Social Media On Tourism

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Short summary of research problem:
The advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has influenced the development of the economy and has played a significant role in the growth of the tourism sector.
With new developments such as Web 2.0 allowing dynamic web pages, user generated content and enhancements. The travellers and tourists are becoming more demanding and knowledgeable with the use the internet.
Social media has made a huge impact in both the personal capacity and in the business arena. In the fast paced world we are living, technology has improved and evolved immensely. Social Media can either be web-based, mobile or cloud based so communication can occur across a multitude of platforms. With the advent of Social Media we are able to reach audiences from almost anywhere even in remote and rural areas.
Social Media has become paramount in communicating and accelerating information transfer which in turn changed the way we converse with one another. The development of devices such as notebooks, tablets and smart phones using technology has influenced tourism. The rapid speed at which information can spread is a cause for concern as it can positively or negatively influence business.
We have arrived in the technological age where websites, mobile applications strive to make life easier for tourists.

Background/Rationale for the study:
Context and Historical Background

While tourism and technology are from different sectors, they are fast

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