Impact Of Social Media On Youth

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Around the world youth disproportionately suffer from the malaise of unemployment. The scale of the problem is immense, holding back economic growth while stifling the aspirations of people recently entering the workforce and at the beginnings of their careers. It is a crisis with many dimensions. High youth unemployment not only hampers economic growth for youth it can be a debilitating experience that affects their desire and ability to lead productive and rewarding lives. With the youth bulge swelling the ranks of working age populations’ worldwide, urgent attention is needed to address the plight of youth and provide them with better opportunities for employment. Against this backdrop, ongoing advances in social media are transforming old sectors and creating new ones. No sector has been untouched, from farming to manufacturing to service industries. This transformation is effectively making digital literacy a prerequisite for creating awareness, wage employment and creating one’s own business. Social media literacy not only help people for searching jobs in conventional job sectors, but also opens doors to participate in rapidly growing markets such as business process outsourcing and micro work. People with more advanced social media skills can take advantage of an even wider range of opportunities brought about by the growth of the “app economy,” mobile phones, and the game industry. For today’s youth this signals an opportunity if the right steps are taken. Youth
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