Impact Of Social Networks On Social Life Of People

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RESEARCH PAPER: Modern Social networks and their effect on privacy and social life of people Name: Abdelrahman Mohamed Sayed El-Gendy ID: 143235 Faculty: Engineering Group: F Abstract: This article shows that social network sites became a part of people's daily life and how these sites made people stick on using these sites daily, which made social network sites or as it's called (SNS) the most visited sites. It shows that however these sites are useful and people can perform a lot of tasks on them, they have a lot of disadvantages that may affect the social life of people and also affect their privacy, Which is the greatest issue for social network sites. All of this may happen due to lack of awareness of how to use these sites. Modern Social networks and their effect on privacy and social life of people…show more content…
Social network sites which is called (SNS) allow people to do a lot of tasks. The variety of social tasks of social network which includes chatting, commenting, updating status, etc .. (Burkell, 2014). Modern social network sites are very useful for people and almost became a part of their daily life. It helps them keeping in touch with family and friends, to know the latest news around the world and widen people's scoops daily. Unfortunately social networking isn't helping society progress, downgrading people's social skills and putting people's society at risk and putting people's society at risk which is the most important issue for the most visited
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