Impact Of Socio-Economic Class

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Socioeconomic class is a group that consists of the same background on income, occupation, and educational level in the society which causes inequalities to different social classes.
The socio-economic class still affects many people lives until now.
In a world that is constantly changing, socio-economic class still has a huge impact and effects on each life that people can’t escape and destroy. It impacts people’s lives noticeably on health, education, family, occupation, the society and a person’s perspectives in life. Also, the lives of many ethnics and racial minorities wherever they go. People with different socio-economic class tend to have a lack of resources and unfair opportunities because of their position in the social society that sometimes can cause problems in their lives. Thus, the most affected by this judgmental world are mostly people with colors, low incomes, low educational level and people with different cultures.
The class structure in the United States composed of three hierarchy categories which are the upper class, middle class, and lower class or working class.
According to Wikipedia "Upper class is a social group consisting of the people who have the highest social rank and who are usually rich" which means they are the people who are mostly wealthy and powerful. People of this social class are known because of their great influence on power and wealth. As a matter of fact, some people in the upper class are already inherited wealth and power
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