Impact Of Squatting In Jamaica

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Topic: Population Shift
Narrowed Topic: Impacts of squatting due to high levels of rural to urban migration by young adults to the parish of Kinston Jamaica in search of better opportunities.

One of the most critical urban problems of developing countries is squatter housing. Squatter housing defined by Gedik A. Geogr Pol. 1993;(61):471-7 is housing that is illegally established and roughly constructed. The initial structure was small in size, made of low-quality materials, and built with nominal labor costs on squatter land (refers to government owned or private property). “Jamaica has become more urbanized and this has been fueled by the development of intra parish migration. Much of this has been accounted for by people who are leaving
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In 2003 the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Technology published a survey showing that there were approximately 635 squatter settlements across Jamaica. More recently, a study by the Ministry of Water and Housing identified a total of 754 settlements. These studies reveal that in less than six years we have had a 19 percent increase in the number of squatter settlements around Jamaica. Studies have shown that unemployment or underemployment in rural areas has contributed to the influx of migrants to more urbanized areas such as Kingston. These migrants are normally young adults between their early twenties to late thirties who believe that urbanized areas bring better opportunities educationally and financially. In the parish of Kingston Jamaica urbanization has led to high levels of squatting leading to various negative impacts such as housing instability, environmental health issues and economic problems on the direct lives of squatters themselves…show more content…
This is sometimes called the basic or central economic problem and asserts the point that an economy's finite resources are insufficient to satisfy all human wants and needs. It assumes that human wants are unlimited, but the means to satisfy human wants are limited. Qizzlet Inc (2018). To allow my readers to understand how squatting and economic issues are related, I will use Gordon, L. (2012). The Economic and Social Cost of Squatting (Pt 1) “Squatters create problems for the urban planning process. They put a strain on public utilities that are established for the existing communities, for example, where water is supplied to communities using pipes that were designed to supply a population of, say, 10,000, the sudden arrival of 5,000 squatters will put a strain on the water supply. The same can be said of electricity, schools, clinics and hospitals.” Squatters also suffer directly from their conditions. There are often bad reputations associated with these squatter settlements and so potential employers on many occasions turn these citizens away. This results in their high levels of unemployment and gives rise to squatter settlements. Without the necessary economic advantage, they do not possess the means needed to elevate themselves from their current conditions sometimes leading to further destabilization. Land captured by squatters are usually prime development areas and as a result slows

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