Impact Of Stress In The Workplace

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Performance of human beings and behaviour when engaged in a particular job is influenced by the psychological and social factors, job condition and the welfare facilities available for them while at work. A man will work efficiently only when he can fulfil all the responsibilities according to his roles in his life. Modern life is full of stress. The changing environment, participation, interaction, transaction, planning, regulation become key issues, each with its own frustration attached. Stress is abundant in our society. It has become an integral part of everyday living. In today’s context, “stress is costly business expense that affects both employee’s health and company’s profits”. Stress levels of employees is caused and raised by number of factors. Stress at certain degree can be taken positively, but it also effects negatively as its extents increases. As technology in the workplace keeps evolving, workers feel as if they are constantly trying to adapt to the new methods and skills. When workers are trained in the new technologies, they often feel more frustration and stress at having to take the time from their work responsibilities for retraining. Therefore, an attempt should be made to understand the stress, its cause, impact, and adopting strategies for minimizing its impact. In addition to this, every employee must be given a training program with advancement of technology. 1.2 Industry profile 1.2.1 Identification of industry 1.2.2History In mid-1940’s
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