Impact Of Stress On Stress Management

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ABSTRACT Stress in the workplace is widely recognized as a major problem faced by people all over the world, in particular the Indian scenario. A number of nascent companies are offering some form of stress management intervention to all their employees. Stress in the workplace acknowledges the role of genetics and environment to some degree; but the type of health promotion arising from this set of beliefs focuses on individual behaviour. Consequently, the workplace is seen as an influence on health in its own right. The attention heretends to be on the organisation and design of work in both its physical and psychosocialdimensions. It needs to be acknowledged that health, as we experience and observe it in the workplace, is produced or manufactured by two major forces. Firstly, bywhat the employees bring with them to the workplace in terms of personal resources, health practices,beliefs, attitudes, values, and hereditary endowment. Secondly, by what the workplace does to employees once they are there in terms withthe organisation of work in boththe physical and psychosocial sense. Health, productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness within the workplace solely depends upon the mindset of the employee. Now weneed to look at what happens when deliberate efforts aremade to affect these forces in some way, either by influencingemployee health practices or by modifying the organisation ofwork, or sometimes both. Itis also essential that the workplace environment be
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