Impact Of Technology On Communication

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Technology has change the way people thinks and communicates. All things that we do today has evolves along with the technology. Scientists have invented many gadget, conveyance, machine innovatively based on technology to make people’s daily life easier. Work affairs can be done easily with gadget such as tablet and application provided in the gadgets. Household appliances that have been upgraded with latest technologies helps every moms less fatigue to do their house chores. Cell phone helps us to connects with others everywhere and anytime while Skype , Wechats and video calls are the alternative ways to connect with somebody especially people outside the country without charge . So, we can assume that technologies have been a great help in our daily life especially in development of creativities and communications. The first question that pops up in my mind is how does technology affects creativity and communication?

Over the years, technology has significantly changed the way people communicate. Originally, the telephone replaced the telegraph. Now cell phones , email and the Internet top the list of preferred communication methods. As more businesses and educational institutions use technology to communicate, society seems to have accepted the increased role technology now plays in everyday life. The pace at which our gadgets and gizmos are getting more powerful shows no signs of slowing down, and recent leaps forward in technology over the last few decades have
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