Impact Of Technology On Higher Learning System

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Pioneering the Ideas of advanced teaching- learning process and its impact of it on the present higher education system.
* M.Arularasu ** Pruthviraj. V
Modern teaching and learning pedagogies are the best way to enhance higher education system. The recent changes, challenges and their impact on Indian higher education system have resulted in greater change by witnessing the quality performance of education system. Higher education significantly determines the overall development of an individual in all domains. Advanced teaching pedagogies, modern learning approaches are two major instruments that enhance the significance and the power of higher education system. Use of advanced technology, innovative teaching mechanisms and effective learning process will help to fulfill the major purpose of education system, and we can tell that any teaching and learning process which do not destroy the main objective of higher education system can be the best innovative practice of higher education system.Along with the teaching and learning process in higher education system, accountability and transparency plays a major role by highlighting the quality and efficiency of higher education system.
A strong foundation of any school is a good teacher. It’s a great investment made on time and money by our education leaders to improve the skills and knowledge that a good teacher needs. As such students can be considered as assets of any educational institution.

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