Impact Of Technology On Hospitality

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Tapping into today’s rapidly developed technology and people’s mobile-phone lifestyle, the desire for implementing new technology is always there. Major conglomerates such as Hilton Worldwide Holdings and Starwood Hotels and Resorts worldwide endlessly continue to conduct pilot testing across multiple properties and brands. Launching brand new technology and find new solutions for attracting more customers seems to be a right track in order to stand out of the crowd and impress by having unusual concept. Both customers and business can benefit from advances in communication, guest services system or reservations. Moreover, technology allows continuous communication and streamlines the guest stay and experience, from reservations
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In this paper will be discussed implementation of such technologies as keyless system, mobile booking and machines with self-check-in and check-out.
Implementation of modern technologies are becoming popular worldwide, however this project will be based mainly on the examples from the hotels in the United States. The goal of this project is to analyze and discuss the future perspective of the technology implementation and its impact on the hospitality industry overall. In addition to that, in this project will be discussed the pros and cons of the using modern technology in hotels. The last part of the project will be focused on technology’s influence on labor market and whether it will be substituted or not. The discussion of this topic is important because the hospitality industry can be affected by technologies implementation from different angles and can lead to decline in demand for labor force. This project is not focused on the use of technologies in order to drive competitive advantage in hospitality industry as well as it is rather generalize the description of the most popular technologies worldwide than focus on specific areas. Therefore, at the end of this project I will be able to get deeper insight of the technology impact on the customer satisfaction and its use in everyday life of the hospitality
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There are listed technologies which are having the most influence on the hospitality industry nowadays. Moreover, there is explained why these types of technologies are becoming popular more than others and why hotels try to use them in order to provide to customers convenience and also to make the whole experience more personalized. In addition to that, I am discussing how these technology trends have impact on the strategies which are used in order to engage the guests. The discussion of the marketing and technology is also written as another side of the viewpoint. As this project is also focused on customer satisfaction, the service quality model is used. It is an approach that manages business processes in order to ensure full satisfaction of the customers. The use of service quality model helps to measure the customer expectation of service quality in terms of five dimensions and their perceptions of the service they receive. By using the model, I am getting the insight of how the implementation of technology affects the quality in provided services and customer satisfaction
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