Impact Of Technology On Law Reform

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New technology is constantly emerging and this new technology gives members of the public more and more opportunities to break the laws which are put in place to protect them. Law reform is a slow process, it takes a long time for an act to be amended. The Australian Law Reform Commission will complete 1 to 2 inquiries a year which shows just how long the process can be. During this time new technology will emerge which will more than likely render the amendments when they are passed inadequate to suit the new technology. Making laws to suit something that has never been see before is a task that the Law making bodies are faced with and although difficult, it needs to be done quickly in order to avoid crimes that will more than likely be committed.…show more content…
Most people today have access to the internet, a great tool when used productively, however there are some who chose to violate the luxury they have been given. People commit crimes such as hacking, scamming and surveying innocent people. All of these potential crimes will pose major issues for all of those involved, especially if the law is not quick to reform when new material emerges. Many areas which have needed law reform include the emergence of surveillance technology, infringements on copyright and intellectual property
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