Impact Of Technology On Our Daily Life

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Introduction: In today’s diversified world, technology plays key role in our daily lives as it affects where we live, how we work and how we interact with each other. In addition, it also affects what we want to achieve in our lives (Pedersen, 2009). The essay provides an overview about the impact of technology in my daily life as technology is an essential part of my life, if it were to be removed; my quality of life would suffer dramatically as a result. Three evidences/examples from my daily life are provided to demonstrate how technology has positively affected my daily life. The essay is closed with the comprehensive conclusively remarks. Social Media Technology (Facebook and Twitter): Social media is the ways of interactions between people. They create, share and also exchange information and ideas in simulated communities and networks through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, etc. Social media like Facebook and Twitter has helped me a lot in improving my grades and level of engagement with the teachers and fellow students. According to Van den Hurk (2013) Facebook refers to social sharing, where people can share every phase of life on a single platform, On the other hand, Twitter is a micro-blogging site that enable people to share 140-chracter snippets of their daily life (Van den Hurk, 2013). For example, twitter helped me to increase my learning experience and build out-of-the-class engagement with the students and teachers through community class
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