Impact Of Technology On Society

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Technology impacts our people and society in many ways. This government is mostly powered by technology. This lesson will be upon telling you how technology impacts individuals, employment, business, medical, recreation, education and entertainment. Get pens and paper out. Let’s see how this era can change the lives of the people in different areas of life. Technology has and still is impacting the live our people as individuals. Since technology has appeared humans have neglected each other and themselves. Technology has taken away the innate from individuals and amputated them for their capacities. It has also stopped the interacting of family to family conversation. (Thiebaud, Jane, 2010) There are pros to this technology that has made our nation worse as a whole. From prior knowledge, technology has its advantages with individuals. It allows you to be able to put in applications for jobs over internet. You can communicate with others in other countries. So yes technology has its bad ways for individuals but also can help that individual with life’s priorities. Does technology impact employment? Employment is decreasing because of technology. Many jobs that required people are now taken over by technology. Such as book stores or building a car. Advances in recent technology have given some profession a run for their money. A lot of task that people would do has now been taken over by digital technology. This change helps because it’s more accurate and less employees
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