Impact Of Technology On The Nitrogen Cycle

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NAME: SHENECIA ANDERSON STUDENT ID#: 813117963 COURSE CODE: ESST 2002 - ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY TITLE: ASSIGNMENT #2 DETAILS: Explain how technology has impacted the nitrogen cycle. In your discussion, explain how it has changed the cycle and how technology have be used to reduce impacts on the cycle. The nitrogen cycle is disrupted by anything that involved the destruction of plant matter for generally anything man-made, from factories to agriculture. The nitrogen cycle represents one of the most important nutrient cycles found in terrestrial ecosystems. Nitrogen is a major component of the atmosphere, but an essential nutrient in short supply to living organisms and is often the most limiting nutrient for plant growth but can also be found in organic matter in soil and the oceans. It is used to make organic molecules such as amino acids (and thus proteins and nucleic acids) for living organisms. Animals require nitrogen for metabolism, growth, and reproduction and get it by consuming nitrogen-containing molecules in organic matter of both living and dead sources. (Pidwirny 2008) The nitrogen cycle can be summarized as follows; Nitrogen in the air (70%) gets converted into a useful form by nitrogen-fixing (conversion of nitrogen into nitrates) bacteria in the soil. This is assimilated by plants and animals. The nitrogen returns to the atmosphere when the living thing dies it is broken down by ammonifying bacteria in the process of ammonification, which is the protein

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