Impact Of Technology On Ww1

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Large Wars have always seemed to accelerate innovation almost every aspect, and WW1, with its strange clash of 19th and 20th century technologies – was no exception. From industrial killing machines to innovations with the aeroplane, great strides in technology were made to better humanity 's future as a whole.

The first technology that influenced war was the tank. On September 26th of 1916 the British mark 1 tank saw its first battle, but well before this the Allies began developing vehicles called, armored ‘land ships’ in 1915, but the first tanks didn 't make their way into battle until the following year. They are named due to their resemblance to water tanks, they were first recorded being used in force on during the Battle of
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The effects were pervasive and devastating, The types of weapons employed ranged from disabling chemicals, such as tear gas and the severe mustard gas, to lethal ones like phosgene and chlorine. The killing capacity of gas was limited, with four percent of combat deaths caused by gas. Gas was unlike most other weapons because it could be evaded using gas masks. a key difference from other weapons of the time was the fact that chemical weapons relied heavily on weather conditions to operate. Poison gas became possibly the most important psychological weapon of the war, and soldiers spent much of their time guarding against terrifying effects that chemical warfare produces. Today the the effects of toxic gas in warfare ripple throughout our culture. Most countries condone the use of chemical warfare, and rarely is it seen being used…show more content…
The initial plane builds were primitive and didn 't have some of the modern day functions we believe a plane has, Both sides of the war were trying to design planes that could hold heavy weapons like bombs or machine guns, By mid-1915, the infantries were already getting some entertainment by watching dogfights in the skies, and airplanes became significant factor in success in the second half of the world war one. Innovations in aeronautics were made after ww1 and those innovations would be seen in full view during ww2 and beyond. today the effects of airplanes in ww1 are ubiquitous and helped further our

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