Atlantic Slave Trade Impact

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The Atlantic Slave Trade is one of those topics that has a lot of controversies. There are people who believe that the trade did not influence the Americas and the Atlantic, while others believe that it did. The Atlantic Slave Trade did have an impact in the Americas and the Atlantic based on the book “Africa in World History.” Therefore, this is the view that will be presented in this paper. In order to understand how the trade had an impact, one must understand its past, how was the Atlantic Slave Trade different from other trades, and why were Africans the ones chosen for the trade.
The Atlantic Slave Trade is known as the time period in which European navigators and settles captured Africans in order to get a profit on farming. Before
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While Europeans were trying to find new sea routes to the North Africa dessert they encountered islands that had people. Europeans were able to take the people easily because they had the iron power against natives. This power also allowed them to enslave them and make them farm for free. After several of these trips, people realized that having slaves could save them money. This meant that the Atlantic Slave Trade was born. This trade was very different from other kinds of trade in the area. This is because it became part of the European and Mediterranean central economy. This occurred because the Atlantic Slave Trade was well known for its production of sugar. Sugar started as the most grown crop because there was an ever-growing sweet-tooth in Europe and the Mediterranean. As the slave owners realized they were getting free labor, they decided to start farming other things such as cotton, rice, and tobacco plantations. This made the Atlantic Slave Trade very different to other types of trade that had occurred in the…show more content…
Because in the past there were Christian Africans and there were even healthy relationships between Africans and Europeans. Even though this was a terrible period of time, it did lead to great improvement and advancements in the present. Africans communities have spread throughout the world which has led to their religion spreading as well. The Atlantic Slave Trade is also said to be the foundation of the industrial revolution. This is because the plantation system in which Africans worked served as a guideline for the industrial revolution. Even though this was a terrible period that should have never happened, it showed great promise for the future and it helped with the making of the Americas and the Atlantic. Making one of the most horrible time periods, one of the most significant in
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