Booker T. Washington Strategy On The African-American Agenda Essay

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Impact of the Booker T. Washington Strategy on the African-American Agenda
The end of slavery in the South presented challenges for the freed black men and women in the region that continue to affect the social progress made ethnic minorities in the United States to this date. While slavery was undoubtedly a major contributor to the degradation process of the humanity and intelligence of the colored race at the time, the real problem for the leaders of the communities was the integration of their people into the American system. For the white men, their issue was how to not cede power to a growing population of black people that could till the lands better than them and were filled with hatred for the atrocities committed against them by several
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Washington accommodationist philosophy were the paradigm needed by black people to make the necessary progress in their quest to erase the bitter experience of slavery. During the period of its adoption, it served the needs of the people because it provided a platform for the owners of the dairy farms and commercial ventures to participate in activities that will make it impossible for the white man to deny them their rights including the political and social ones. Interestingly, the missed opportunities of this era remain the bane of the ethnic group in contemporary America since the gap that it was designed to close at the time had widened to the extent that even the formal education has only contributed to the exacerbation of the issues faced by the people. The disgrace of labor that blacks avoided during the period is now the source of the high crime and incarcerations rate and levels of poverty within the ethnic
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