Impact Of The British Raj In India

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With the end of the World War I, the British Raj in India fell into crisis. The political situation of India was in constant disturbance. Because of the war a number of reforms were carried out in India which became one of the major reasons of colonial crisis in India. This paper will discuss what impact different reforms of the British Raj had on the politics of India, how the arrival of Gandhi changed the political scenario in India, how the Muslim league was affecting politics, and how these factors lead to the catastrophic partition of the sub-continent. Since the beginning of the Raj, the British imposed various reforms on the Indian population which continued to happen till the end of the colonial rule. In 1906, the Secretary of the State for Indian Affairs, Lord Morley announced that the British government wanted to introduce political reforms in India, which would give the chance to locals to participate in the legislative affairs. The government of India appointed a committee to recommend the scheme of the reforms. Then the Act of 1909 was passed with the approval of Morley and Lord Minto. It is also known as the Act of Morley-Minto. Through this reform, Indian officials were allowed to take part in the election of the legislative bodies at the ground level in India. For the first time, in this reform, the Muslims were given separate electorate, and reserved seats to vote. The point of this reform was to get the loyalty of the upper class and the westernized

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