Impact Of The Greensboro Sit-Ins On The Civil Rights Movement

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Sitting For Change
What impact did the Greensboro sit-ins have on the Civil Rights Movement? The 4 men who were soon to be known, started these protests to try to stop segregation of lunch counters. These 4 men formed groups of protesters and went to stop this unfair segregation.Nevertheless, The Greensboro sit-ins brought awareness and impacted the Civil Rights Movement.
The four founder of the Greensboro sit-ins were four African Americans men and were students from the African American college (americanhistory.si.edu). The 4 founders names were Ezell Blair Jr., David Richmond, Franklin McCain and Joseph McNeil. These men were influenced by the non-violence protests by Mohandas Gandhi and the Freedom Rides. Also, they were …show more content…

To help plan the sit-in, they enlisted in the help of a local white businessman, Ralph Johns. Their plan was simple, they would walk into the local Woolworth's, sit at the lunch counters and demand service. If denied service, they would stay sitting at the lunch counters until the Woolworth closed. Their main focus is to get the governments and the media's attention to help them achieve their goal of desegregating the local Woolworth. Also, they were hoping that they will get more people involved with the protests every day.
Events at Woolworth
On January 31, 1930, at 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, the four men walking into the Woolworths and put their plan into action. Before, they planned that anyone who participated had to purchase something before they sat.They politely asked for service, but were refused. They remain in their seats till the store closed (americanhistory.si.com). The next day there were 20 protesters who were participating in the protests. Students noted that this protest was not connected to the school at all. The protesters as well would continue this for several days and week till something

Kardys-2 happened to the Woolworth.(Greensboro.com). These protests started a youth led movement called the

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